Gaharu Masindo Agarwood Tea

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Masindo Agarwood Tea is healthy tea that be made from leaf of Agarwood, tea and jasmine flower. The process in making which is careful and hygienic in order that the exist functional in it can be enjoyed.
Masindo Agarwood tea have the specialty more if be compared to regular tea beside its favors taste and fresh can be drunk for happiness of your family everyday.
Masindo Agarwood tea safety for stomach ulcers and so many positive
Function for healthy of human body can help in treating various disease namely such as diabetes, high blood, cholesterol, uric acid, insomnia and so on
Masindo Agarwood tea also have the content by medical labolatorium method antioxidant, antiglication, antiabetes, and nutrition of vitamin c in helping you can sleep in good condition and also always in health energy

Can be proved from the result of laboratory test. Some parameters have been finished as follows:
1. Masindo Agarwood tea be brewed
2. Masindo Agarwood tea be brewed
3. Masindo Agarwood tea be boiled/simmer

Short description of the content Masindo Gaharu Agarwood tea in labolatory
1. Antioxidant for:
- Radical hidroksil ('OH) able in wasting kind of the most reactive radical
oxygen in the body, radical
hydroxyl that can make the damage of macro molecul
- Chelating metal. It serve as clamping the heavy metals in the blood and be
wasted out
- Scavenging H2 O2 , able in avoiding free radical to the free air

2. Anti inflammatory means Agarwood tea also can be used as the Anti inflammatory
3. Anti glication means Masindo Anti inflammatory also able serve as the prevention act
for degeneratif diabetesmellitus disease, and colesterol
4. Antidiabetes means Masindo Gaharu Agarwood tea also help the process of treatment
to Diabetes disease
5. Vitamin C. means in Gaharu Agarwood tea also there is the source of its vitamin be used
In helping the energy of body

The secret of Borneo Forest, has now reveal to the world
Agarwood is the world's most expensive tree. Only the agarwood tree whose value is calculated based on per kilogram andnot per rod like other timber. Agarwood is king oftrees on this earth. Agarwood is also known as tree of heaven. Others called Eaglewood lowered into the earth by Prophet Adam as the father of al/ mankind, All parts of the tree Agarwood have benefits for humans, Including health, medicine, fragrans, ritual worship, beauty, etc
Only Wood of God' that God permitted Adam to be taken from the Garden of Eden is none other than Agarwood.

1. As an antioxidant, helps protect the body from free radicals and is able to get rid of toxins in the body.
2. Increase stamina, circulation of oxygen throughout the body
3. Heal cold flu and headache
4. Help treat asthma, lungs, laryngitis and shortness of breath derivative.
5. Helps to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol.
6. Help kidney detoxification
7. Prevent facilitate urination
8. Help cure malaria / jaundice
9. Liver detoxification & diseases
10. Balancing blood sugar and improving blood circulation
11. Reduce the risk of and heart disease prevention,
12. Reduce bone and Joint pain
13. Relaxation, relieve tension and stress
14. Prevent insomnia or trouble sleeping
15. Anti-constipation, improving digestion, good for a diet program
16. Neutralize nicotine, either consumed by d smoker
17. Can eliminate the scent of body odor and bad breath
18. Delaying aging and beautify skin
19. Helps eliminate drug dependence drug toxins
20. Increase fertility in both male & female
21. Prevent Prostate problems
22. Prevent menstrual disorders / Candida / Urinary Tract Infection
23. Helps reduce weight
24. Neutralize alcohol (purify blood)
25. Good for stroke patient
26. A natural way to hydrate
27. Anti-fungi, anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory
28. Best sexual drive
And Others

1. Input 1 tea bag / sachet Masindo Agarwood tea into the cup
2. Pour over 200 ml of boiling / hot water into the cup

3. Let stand 3-5 minutes, then Masindo Agarwood Tea ready to be enjoyed

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